Sun is a hybrid of a hedgehog, a demon, a cat, and a tearlash. Sun is Storm's younger half-brother, who acts kind of like Gary Oak and Excalibur fused together. Sun likes to drive Storm insane, and enjoys insulting her as well. Sun has even tried to KILL Storm once. Sprisingly, Sun actually doesn't hate humans AT ALL, unlike Storm, who hates humans for no apparent reason. Sun is almost ALWAYS spying on Storm, waiting for the right moment to seemingly pop-up out of nowhere and annoy the living heck out of her.

Sun was the leader of The Evil 666 (a group of 666 psychotic maniacs who's tricks range from pranks, to total chaos and all Darkendezon breaking loose), but Sun retired, leaving the 665 to colaspe upon themselves, but they eventually found a new leader. After Sun retired, he decided to focus on driving his older sister to Docodezon.

-SPOILER ALERT!: Sun hired Rad to kill Sparkle and Paige. Afterwards, Sun forked over about $1,000,000 (he got that from selling a SPARKLOAD of Docodezo fur). (But he should've just had the 'dezos do it, as they'll do ANYTHING for bubblewrap, meaning that they'll take ANY amount of bubble wrap for the most difficult jobs, which is easily affordable.) END OF SPOILER-

Sun can fly like Storm, but he usually doesn't get too far by flying, as he's actually rather noticeable in just about any environment, leading to him being attacked by the 'dezos who STILL think he's their leader (those must be some pretty old 'dezos), or anything else, and he isn't the fastest when it comes to flying either. Sun controls 3 elements, light, darkness, and fire.