Stormer (Aka Storm) is a hybrid of a hedgehog, a dragon, a cat, and a tearlash (which is a species you most likely have never heard of until just now). Storm is about 1,000,089 years old (maybe), and she spent most of her life trapped inside some crystal (1,000,000 years). Storm is from DarkenVolt, but will go to another planet on a very rare occasion. Elements: darkness, electricity, and fire. She hates Thief909 (DUR) and is actually happy that Sparkle and Paige died.

She has a weapon/extreme gear called the Dark_Spark and uses it in emergencies (example: if she couldn't use her elemental powers for any reason what-so-ever). Apparently, Storm can fly without wings for some reason, and she also apparently had wings over one million years ago. Her tail can stretch a LOT, due to the fact that a tearlash has a very long stretchy tail for using to catch enemies due to the fact that they usually can't move too fast, but Storm can actually move fast, partially because she's part cat.

While it is known what species Storm is a hybrid of, it is unknown which exact variations of those species she is. Storm also hates humans, although not really known why quite yet, it could be the something to do with her DNA. Leading some to think that she is part Western dragon, which may actually be true, as she did have wings at one point, but the last time she had wings was over 1,000,000 years ago, so no one knows for sure.


Corrupt is some mysterious dark/corrupted energy that apparently has a mind of its own. It tends to fight with Bright, due to the fact that they are opposites. Corrupt is insane for the most part, and can easily be defined as a serial killer. Corrupt tends to go on killing sprees whenever she/it gets the chance. If Corrupt could, it'd destroy Storm's soul, or even kill Storm, but it can't, otherwise, it would just be committing suicide.


I suggest hiding now.

Random stuff that no one cares aboutEditEdit

  • Storm apparently has a rude and annoying younger half-brother by the name of Sun.</li>
  • Sun's dad killed Storm's dad (fact), and then Shred supposedly killed Storm's mom (rumor).</li>
  • Storm apparently has an over-sized blue Tails Chao called Blurry, who doesn't really look too much like a Chao any more.</li>
  • Storm apparently now has a crush on Rad.</li>
  • Storm used to have a crush on Heatail.</li>
  • Storm met Static YEARS ago.</li>
  • Storm destroyed the home planet of the Docodezos: Docodezon.</li>

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