Static Edit

Static is a hedgehog who has rather large cat-like ears, however, she is not part cat. Static's current age is estimated to be about 76 years old. Static was born on DarkenVolt, but spent a good amount of her life on BrightenBolt. Her parents recently died of old age, but she still has her older brother (Elector). She has the power to control electricity, and apparently she can also fly for some unknown reason. Like Storm, she also has a "Corrupt form", except Static's Corrupt form is a glitch (yeah I know, that makes no sense what-so-ever), while Storm's Corrupt is actually highly intelligent energy, but they both can sometimes have control over their "Corrupt forms", required that they have enough light energy to balance or overpower the dark energy. Another difference is that Static's "Corrupt" can exist without her. (That kind of makes me wonder why Static's still alive...)

Fun Facts Edit

1. Blurry was originally Static's Chao, but then Blurry eventually went to go live with Storm for some reason.

2. Static apparently had a shiny Sandlash named SandStorm, but now SandStorm is Storm's Pokemon (who is never seen because he's usually in his Pokeball in Storm's house in the middle of the Moonlight Forest on DarkenVolt.)

3. Static has met the Tails Doll before, and lived.

4. Static lives on DarkenVolt once again, but still goes back to BrightenBolt to visit.

5. Static used to help Spark guard a crystal called the Lightning Crystal.

6. Static isn't usually as serious as Storm.

7. Static was the first to ever meet a Docodezo, and she actually tried to HELP it, which was a HUGE mistake, and that led the Docodezos to think they could invade DarkenVolt and BrightenBolt.

8. Static is rumored to be very distantly related to Storm and Sun, but it's just a rumor and more than likely isn't true.


Pokemon belongs to nintendo and the Tails Doll belongs to Sega/Sonic Team.Edit