Fireblast is making me do this

John in his Half Dragon State. (Opposed to his full dragon form which is his "true form")

Johnthedragon is a 13 year old Eastern dragon (Well sometimes) He used to be kind of an asshole but he is no longer completely out of his mind insane. He uses Fire, Cybertronian,Light,and Darkness based attacks. He has forms such as, Goldfire,Goldfire Dragon Form,Transmetal 2 ,Transmetal 2 Dragon form, and 2 unknown ones. (most likely the same form but the dragon and half dragon variations). He is the last known example of his kind. He will desintigrate upon death (to prevent people from trying to mutilate his body) so to revive him you MUST have a blood sample. Also his bite,spit,blood,vomit,ect are extremely deadly (Acidic blood and vomit. Poisonous spit and bite). His tail and claws are his main forms of melee attacks he will only bite when tempted and his horns will get stuck if used to ram opponents do to the barbs on them. The tip of his tail is made from many small (non poisonous) barbs that can be launched like arrows or jabbed into an enemy. His fire breath is his most deadly normal attack from simple wisps of fire to atomic bomb powered missles of fire he can destroy almost anything that gets to close to him.
JTD Caphirinha

JTD does the Caphirinha. Driko made this image.


Goldfire's elemental symbol.

Role in RPs

JTD seems to be involved in MANY rps. He was an empire leader in Arious's empire RP, He was survivor and later zombie in the ZA series (he is currently at his cave in the ZA RP series) He was a soldier for the Good team (and the only one surprsingly) the only member of that team in the Mech Wars RP. He is involved in his won Transformers RP and his yet-to-be-revealed RP.

In the SSBB RP he cosplayed Link and later Rayquaza do to HAX.

The multiple forms of JTD

He has five or six forms including but not limited too~

-Goldfire Form. See goldfire page for more info

-Transmetal form. He also has a Transmetal 2 form which is awesome.
Transmetal JTD

JTD in his Transmetal form.

Vehicle Mode~

He also turns into an epic Cybertronian race car when in Transmetal form.