This is Corrupted Drogoth. Drogoth's Hollow form although

its unoffical so its not made into the Spore Role Play yet

but there is a Model of it. he is an Vasto-lorde Rank and

an Arrancar how be became that is that he had consumed

thousands of souls from battlefields other places

even hell (Underworld) Driko had helped him and when he

had enough he took off his helmet and became an Demonic

Arrancar Hybrid which you can say is mans worst nightmare

due to him having an overall power and ability increase from

his Demon half. Drogoths wings claws and tail blades are all

proven to be extremely sharp than they normaly are. while in

this form he receives a Dramatic increase to both his mind control

and telekenetic powers so he is able to control the Zerg with his

proven mind control ability. due to his appearance he is known to

be feared by most people just because not only that but also on the

way he acts on how he is slightly evil and horrifying. he had been created

off the idea of Kerrigan (the queen of blades) from the popular PC game

"Starcraft II" and what Kerrigan and Corrupted Drogoth have in common

is that they both have skeletal wings and a frightful appearance.